Sue Passmore views memorabilia and scrapbooks from Bill Passmore’s years as MPE principal

In celebration of their 40th year, students and teachers at Merriman Park Elementary welcomed a special guest Wednesday – Sue McCaffree Passmore. Sue, known affectionately to former students as “the Original Wildcat,” became the first student teacher in a Lake Highlands school in October of 1958 when she reported to work at Wallace Elementary.

Sue Passmore married Bill Passmore in 1966. By then she was teaching at the then-new Lake Highlands High School, and some of her students had been at LH Elementary when Bill opened that school as its new principal. Bill later became MPE’s first principal. The couple raised two children in Lake Highlands, and Sue taught English until she retired in 1994. Bill passed away in 2007.

You can read more of Sue’s memories from this article celebrating LHHS’ 50th anniversary.

Sue traveled to MPE with RISD trustee and former LHHS executive assistant Karen Clardy, meeting Principal Pharah Hogan, visiting with students and viewing scrapbooks from “the Bill Passmore days.” They then went to LHHS, where Principal Kerri Jones gave them a tour of the ever-changing campus.

Sue Passmore and students at MPE’s outdoor learning center

MPE Principal Pharah Hogan and Girl Scouts welcome Sue Passmore

MPE choir welcomes Mrs. Passmore

MPE library