Hamilton Park Pacesetter Magnet recognizes teachers doing great work. Here’s what they had to say about two teachers:

Photo courtesy of Hamilton Park Herald.

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Karen Breazeale does not rest until she is satisfied… and she is never satisfied. She works tirelessly for her students and will go above and beyond for other staff members. Without fail, Karen will approach any challenge small or big with a positive attitude and a smile. She can easily light up a room with her humor. She is so talented in that the way that she teaches and makes sure that all of her students are fully engaged! I’m beyond thankful that I have the opportunity to work with Mrs. Breazeale and to be a part of her team. She goes above and beyond for HPPM and everyone around her. Her students are definitely lucky to have such an amazing teacher.

Photo courtesy of Hamilton Park Herald.


Ms. Tabera is a special kind of person and teacher! She’s friendly face whenever you see her and she is always willing to help out(as long as you don’t take the numbers from her calendar.) She has the ability to completely engage a class in the most graceful way possible. How? I’m not sure, but she does so flawlessly every single day. Her students LOVE going to her class because “math has never been so fun!” I wish everyone was able to see the amazing things going on in room 61. Hamilton Park, and of course the AMAZING house of Rêveur, is so lucky to have you, Ms. Tabera. Keep being awesome!