Photo courtesy of Sam Williamson.

Sam Williamson will walk for 36 hours straight without sleep and live stream the event on social media to raise money and awareness for veterans and first responders.

Sam Williamson, a board member of the non-profit group Bird’s Eye View Project, will put everything on the line when he attempts a 100-mile walk around White Rock Lake to raise money for veterans and first responders.

The walk will take place from Oct. 26 – 27.

The anticipated 36-hour nonstop journey will send Williamson around the lake 11 consecutive times on foot, reflecting the Bird’s Eye View Project’s mission to bring awareness to the extreme needs of veterans and first responders through overcoming extreme challenges.

The event, Walk the Walk 100, is the idea of Williamson, a graduate of SMU and a noted television and voice actor. He has made appearances on episodes of “Walker, Texas Ranger” and frequently provides voiceovers in national and regional commercials for companies like Taco Bell, WINGSTOP, and TXU Energy.

“I want to do something as just a regular guy to serve those who serve us,” Williamson said in a press release.  “I want to prove to myself and to others that you don’t have to put on a uniform or enlist to make a difference in the lives of veterans and first responders. You can make a difference today by supporting the needs of those who have given so much to serve all of us.”

Williamson will attempt to raise $100,000 and distribute donations across 11 beneficiary organizations. The 100-mile journey will be divided into 11 laps around White Rock Lake, each lap dedicated to a different organization that the Bird’s Eye View Project supports.

These organizations include:

The risks are many on the 100-mile trek, including darkness, heat, dangerous weather conditions, dehydration, bodily collapse and injury. To give the public an inside look at how he’s faring along the way, Williamson will live stream at various times during the 100-mile trek on social media and amplify his public call for supporting veterans and first responders.

The public is invited to support the cause by snapping encouraging pictures and videos alongside Williamson as he completes the 11-lap walk around the lake and posting to social media with the hashtag #WTW100.

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