Mariano Martinez and Guillermo Rodriguez

When Guillermo from Jimmy Kimmel Live arrived at Mariano’s Hacienda Monday night, he found a few Guillermo lookalikes and lots of margarita-lovers. The restaurant was packed with folks who wanted a photo with Kimmel’s friendly sidekick and a chance to say hello to Kimmel by satellite.

Owner Mariano Martinez presented Guillermo with a wood-carved “Mexican Emmy” for his work on the show, complete with a twist-off sombrero and an interior full of tequila. Guillermo swigged it during his on-air chat with the host.

Kimmel, knowing Guillermo is a big Dallas Cowboys fan, surprised his friend by having Tony Romo walk up and sit down with the group. Romo denied that Jerry Jones begged him to return after their Sunday loss, but he did chomp on Tex-Mex. Kimmel told the sports broadcaster to buy the crowd at Mariano’s a round of drinks.

You can view the Mariano’s portion of the show here.

When the fun was done, Guillermo got back into his Guillermobile to resume his 5-city tour. He’ll be in Chicago tonight, Pittsburgh Wednesday, Philadelphia Thursday and Brooklyn Friday.

Jimmy Kimmel is on ABC at 10:30 weeknights. Mariano’s is at 6300 Skillman.

Selfies with Guillermo

Guillermo with Fran Beazley and Lisa McQueen

Taking a selfie with Guillermo from Jimmy Kimmel Live

Guillermo with Tony Romo, courtesy of Facebook.

Mariano presents the Mexican Emmy