LHHS student faces felony charges and expulsion after using a Taser on a staff member.

The staff member was intervening in an altercation between students. A spokesman for RISD declined to say whether the staff member was a teacher and whether he or she sustained injuries from the incident, according to Dallas News.

Principal Kerri Jones sent out a letter to parents about the altercation.

Here is the letter according to CBS:

Lake Highlands Parents,

I want to make you aware of a situation that occurred at school today. A student was arrested by Dallas Police this morning at school after the student allegedly used a tasing device on a staff member who was intervening in a student altercation. The student is facing felony charges and also expulsion under the RISD Code of Conduct.

Parents, we ask you to take a moment and speak with your child about choices.

There are many ways to resolve differences with other students without resorting to extreme choices and behavior. Our student peer mediators are a good place to start. Our counseling staff or any adult at school can always help students work through situations and conflict.

Students who choose to bring a weapon to school, of any kind, face arrest, criminal charges, and expulsion. This is a life-altering choice that cannot be undone. Please help your students understand the long-term consequences of choices that impact the safety of our campus.

Finally, any student who posts or takes action to spread or share videos or photos of other students on social media is in violation of the RISD Code of Conduct. Depending on the nature of the images, students may also be committing a crime by posting or sharing images of other students. If you have provided your child with a cell phone or other device with Internet access or a camera, please reinforce to them the legal and disciplinary consequences of choosing to misuse that device related to school or other students.

If you have any questions about the behavioral expectations for students at Lake Highlands High School, or the potential consequences for making choices that impact the safety of our campus, please don’t hesitate to contact me or any member of our administrative team.