Volare pizza oven: $25,000

Ever wondered where you could pick up a $25,000 pizza oven and a 5-gallon drum of Kikkoman soy sauce? The new Costco Business Center can help you with that.

Costco, located in the former Sam’s Club space in Vickery Meadow, opens today with complimentary breakfast from 7-11 a.m. and thousands of bulk items to choose from. Opening day was delayed a month after June storms interfered with construction schedules.

The store is Costco’s first business center in Dallas and one of just 19 in the chain, with no food court, tire center, jewelry section or clothing table. Instead, you’ll find a variety of office equipment from staplers to desk chairs, a 10,000 square foot walk-in food cooler (don’t worry, jackets are provided while shopping), and 60-pound packages of uncut beef, lamb and goat. Industrial size refrigerators, mixers, fryers, sinks, prep tables and other equipment are also for sale.

Your regular Costco membership card will get you in the door, but you don’t have to walk in to make a purchase. The business center operates a fleet of refrigerated trucks which will deliver your order next-day or weeks later when scheduled.

Costco spent almost $10 million to remodel the 133,000 Sam’s building and expand it, Dallas Morning News reports. You may purchase a membership online here. The store is located at 8282 Park Lane.

Whole lamb or goat

25 pound sacks of onions

Whole fire pit pigs

Industrial kitchen equipment

Kikkoman soy sauce