A bobcat out my home office window Sunday

I was minding my own business Sunday, writing up a post about a fundraiser Monday at Andy’s for Lake Highlands Elementary. That’s when I saw movement beyond my computer screen and out my window. There was a bobcat on the fencetop, moving gracefully along the boards. The bobcat never saw me, and he took his time surveying his surroundings before jumping off the brick post and heading for the creek.

My husband, Toby, and I sometimes see coyotes in the wee hours of the morning, and we often hear them. Well, not so much the coyotes, but their breakfasts. We hear animals screaming as they’re being eaten and dogs barking to signal the danger. Then we see piles of bones.

If you’re a P1, you’ve heard my next door neighbor and lover-of-all-animals Corby Davidson talk about coyotes and other predators on his radio show, The Hardline. He’s the wildly popular ride-home sports and pop culture guy from 1310 The Ticket. I texted Davidson a pic of the bobcat and warned him about keeping his jogger wife, two kids and 3 dogs safe, then he tweeted out the pic.

“We are all going to die,” he added.

“Things clearly got out of hand at the Lake Highlands High School class of ’09 ten year reunion,” joked Ben Toler, who admits he follows The Snake’s stuff more than his mom’s. “#GoWildcats.”

National Geographic says bobcats are fierce hunters which can kill prey much bigger than themselves. They usually eat rabbits, birds, mice, squirrels and other small game, and they deliver a stealth deathblow with a 10-foot leaping pounce.

Stay careful, Lake Highlands.