Funding for the new Forest Green Library will be on Wednesday’s council agenda when they meet in Lake Highlands

If you follow social media in Lake Highlands, you may think the only issue up for discussion at Wednesday’s offsite meeting of the Dallas City Council, to be held at the Lake Highlands North Recreation Center, will be a proposed supportive housing development for homeless persons at 12000 Greenville Avenue. That’s certainly what’s getting all the buzz, but that item is not on the agenda. The city has other business to conduct – and some of it directly affects Lake Highlands.

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Karen Blumenthal, journalist, author and board member for Friends of the Dallas Public Library, says the awarding of the new Forest Green Library construction contract is on the agenda as “addendum item 1,” so it will likely be discussed well after the meeting’s start time of 2 p.m.

Funding for the library came from the city’s 2017 bond package and will allow replacement of the outdated library currently at the northwest corner of Forest and Greenville. The new library will be built on city-owned property next door to Braum’s nearby.

If you’d like to speak publicly to the council about library funding, supportive housing or any other issue facing Dallas citizens, you must email City Secretary Bilierae Johnson at before 5 p.m. today/Tuesday. Only 5 speakers will be permitted to speak before the meeting begins, and the rest will be heard at the end.

The LHN Rec Center is at 9940 White Rock Trail. The meeting begins at 2 p.m.