Lake Highlands High School alumnus Jamie Wilder this year established the first Football ‘N’ America league in Texas.

Wilder is the football director for Prestonwood Sports Organization, a sports outreach ministry for the Prestonwood Baptist Church of Plano.

Football ‘N’ America is a non-contact youth co-ed flag football league for children in grades k-10, co-founded by New Orleans Saints quarterback and Super Bowl champion and MVP Drew Brees.

The league was created to ensure the safety of young children as well as getting players familiar with the sport before entering junior high and high school.

“We think it’s a cool way to get kids involved, familiar and comfortable with [football] before they get hit because if your first and only time playing football is getting your bell rung, breaking your wrists, you’re probably not going to like it,” says Wilder, who graduated from Lake Highlands in 2013.

“I would love if we had kids all from DFW, I would love if we had a problem finding enough space to put teams because I want to help other high school and junior high coaches,” Wilder says. “I want to help kids enjoy what is a good game and then I want to make Jesus known.”

The next season begins Saturday, Sept. 14. Games are on Saturdays between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. at Prestonwood Christian Academy’s Lions Stadium or on the Prestonwood Sports Organization fields. Games will last approximately 90 minutes.

There is a 10-player maximum per team, and students will play six-on-six. Each player receives a jersey, shorts and flag belt with their registration.

Fall 2019 registration is open now and scholarships are available.