Would you put your kid in an Uber?

Probably not, but you might call them a VanGo.

A Connecticut-based company that bills itself at the “Uber for kids” launches in Dallas today.

VanGo serves kids ages 8-17 who need to be ferried around for soccer practice and playdates. And it can be used for carpooling, picking up passengers at several addresses.

The company does intense background checks on drivers, most of whom are moms. The app allows parents to track rides on GPS and schedule them in advance.

The rides cost 15%-20% more than other ride-share services because drivers are so heavily vetted.

They’re required to have at least three years of professional chid-care experience and undergo background check, fingerprinting, reference checks and vehicle inspection.

As the service expands into Dallas, it is recommended to schedule rides at least 24 hours in advance.