Breakfast sandwiches at SoCo Southern Comfort Bistro.

If you’ve been brave enough to negotiate the Lakeridge Village parking lot lately, weaving past piles of construction materials and dodging contractors’ vehicles, you’ve been rewarded with a preview of what is quickly becoming a magnetic center. Beautiful new trees have been planted in the middle park, stained wood canopies have been installed and sidewalks have been widened to encourage meandering.

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On the corner formerly occupied by My Office, picture this: you’re seated on a sunny patio for brunch enjoying fresh-brewed coffee or an adult beverage. On your plate are sandwiches made with fresh-baked biscuits and house-made jams. No, you’re not at Preston Royal or Highland Park Village. You’re at the soon-to-open SoCo (Southern Comfort Bistro) in Lake Highlands, Texas.

Owners Jonny Bean and Charles Bader put the SoCo sign in the window last week to announce their new scratch kitchen concept, and Bean says excitement is growing about the Lakeridge development. Bean, who’s worked in the food industry more than 30 years, began his career at Elephants Delicatessen in Portland and gathered experience in kitchens from hotels to fine dining.

SoCo will offer brunch six days a week from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. (they’ll be closed Mondays), serving dishes like fried chicken and waffle sliders with jalapeno honey butter and Monte Cristo sandwiches. Scones and other baked treats will be fresh daily, and flavors on the jam bar will include blueberry, rhubarb and strawberry jalapeno.

SoCo will feature a coffee roaster popular at the local markets and offer Harney and Sons ice teas. They expect to open in about three months. You can follow their progress on Instagram and Facebook. Lakeridge Village is at the corner of Walnut Hill and Audelia.

SoCo will sit on the corner, overlooking the middle park.

Avocado toast at SoCo.