The Deason home on Stone River Circle

Did things get a little windy at your place Sunday afternoon?

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Lake Highlands residents saw downed trees and darkened street lights as storms blew through quickly. WFAA Channel 8 weather guru Pete Delkus tweeted the highest measured gust was 71 miles per hour at Dallas Love Field, but he “wouldn’t be surprised if there were higher gusts mixed in.” The rapid change in weather conditions caught many neighbors by surprise.

“I was in my pool,” exclaimed Ticket sports radio celeb Corby Davidson, who had damage to his home from fallen limbs. “Had to have been something close to a tornado.”

By 3 p.m., helpful neighbors were out trying to clear blocked streets, but many large trees were simply too large to move without heavy equipment. Contractors were already out moving branches and making deals, but some streets (like mine) remain blocked.

On social media, the City of Dallas encouraged citizens to use their OurDallas app or call 311 to report downed trees, flashing stop lights or other concerns. They reported about 200 downed trees, damage to Fretz Park Library and localized flooding in major areas around the city. City crews have been deployed, they reported, and are assessing the areas impacted.

Hill View Drive remains blocked after Sunday afternoon’s storms

The alley behind Hilldale, like many streets and alleys, is impassible.