The Ticket’s Cash and Mike Sirois broadcasting live from the Lake Highlands Town Center

The weather was perfect and turnout was great, but not everything went smoothly at this year’s Camp Sweeney Play for the Day. About 5 a.m. on Memorial Day, long before runners in the 5K race heard the starting pistol or children piled into inflatables in the Kid Zone, Cash and Mike Sirois of sports radio’s 1310 The Ticket radio were broadcasting live from the Lake Highlands Town Center event site.

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First they heard a gurgle, then a sputter from underneath their feet. Then a full-on spray of water came up from the ground on which they sat. Turns out they’d set up their broadcasting equipment on top of the town center’s fountain – dead center.

The crew hurriedly moved their electrical equipment to another (safer) spot, and they got back on the air encouraging listeners to come enjoy the event. In typical Ticket style, they made a joke of their plight.

“Location, location, location,” they quipped of their tent placement.

You can see my photos from the event here.

The Ticket’s media sponsorship and the generous donation of other Sweeney backers, though, was no joke.

“Camp Sweeney is not just a physical place,” said Dr. Ernie Fernandez of the camp for juvenile diabetics which benefitted from the fundraiser, “it’s an attitude and it’s the way we support each other.” Children at the camp learn to take charge of their disease, and they meet role models who’ve managed it successfully.

You may sponsor a camper by donating here.