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The details make the difference.

Whether remodeling or building from the ground up, we all know the basics are non-negotiable: foundation, framework, electrical wire, sheetrock, plumbing pipe and ductwork. Neighbors trust the design veterans at Bella Vista Company to make their dream homes structurally sound, as well as visually stunning.

Bella Vista’s team also pays attention to the details on specs for the fun finish-out items, such as sinks, faucets and custom shower systems. And when it’s time to select alluring plumbing fixtures, Bella Vista guides its clients to the local experts at Jarrell Company.

According to Jarrell’s plumbing and hardware specialists, the company represents more than 40 major plumbing brands and specializes in helping homeowners navigate the often overwhelming process, from selecting brass versus bronze to acrylic versus stone.

Leading the pack today, Jarrell says, is DXV, the luxury product line by American Standard.

“DXV is only available through a showroom, not a big-box store,” Jarrell says. “We follow along with Bella Vista’s process and design for both routine and one-of-a-kind installations. We often recommend DXV products because they are easily serviceable and have a lifespan of 20-plus years, compared to big-box store brands that aren’t meant to last, often can’t be repaired and can wear out within five years.”

Jarrell says when it comes to plumbing, the little things aren’t so little. Trending now in plumbing details are DXV fire clay sinks and bathtubs—more popular than cast iron products among today’s homeowners, since cast iron’s enamel finish can chip and be costly to repair. Fire clay is a dense porcelain, glazed and fired at high temperatures for maximum durability.

DETAILS YOU CAN FEEL: Quality plumbing fixtures aren’t just nice to look at, they’re the part of your home that you interact with the most. Investing in quality here will make your home enjoyable for the long run.

DXV is a green manufacturer, evidenced in its eco-sanitary glaze on toilets and basins, and eco-flushing capabilities for controlled water-flow options.

“Our clients at Jarrell are relieved to discover how we simplify the process,” Jarrell says. “We look at their plans from Bella Vista and work with their wishes—contemporary or traditional— and provide an itemized quote.” Appointments are encouraged but aren’t required at Jarrell.

Bella Vista partner Sara Haley says, “We like to send our clients to Jarrell for its professional services; with them, all the dots get connected.”

Jarrell, like Bella Vista, is locally owned and operated—you can find the owners on the job just about every day.

“When a client realizes how extensive plumbing selections can be, it’s dizzying,” Haley says. “That’s why we partner with the Jarrell Company.”

Adorn your bathroom accessories by calling Bella Vista Company and Jarrell Company for ideas today.

THINKING SMALL: When designing for small spaces like a powder bath every square inch matters. Details like integrating fixtures to maximize usable space can make a big difference. The Maris wall hung toilet by Toto pictured here can give you extra floor space. Top it off with a floating cabinet to open up the room with even more visual space.

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