If your daily commute includes traveling on LBJ near Walnut Hill, Dallas police are asking for your help as they investigate a road rage incident involving a man who attacked another driver with a machete Friday.

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Friday’s episode was captured on cell phone camera by another driver and may be viewed in an NBCDFW report here.

In the video, drivers are merging to avoid a wreck ahead on LBJ, but the Chevrolet HHR and the Suburu (both red) are scraping one another as the Chevy moves into the Suburu’s lane. The Chevy’s driver gets out, walks over and strikes the Suburu with the machete, smashing car windows.

He then gets back into his car and tries to pull ahead of the Suburu again, but when that driver does not yield, their bumping sends the Chevy spinning until he’s facing the opposite direction on LBJ. The machete-wielding motorist then drives the wrong direction out of the frame.

According to NBC DFW, Dallas police have filed a criminal mischief report. If you were a witness, you may contact them at 1-877-373-TIPS.