At the age of 27, Picasso’s is undergoing its first makeover.

The news shouldn’t overwhelm the restaurant’s longtime regulars. After all, the recipe for your favorite pepperoni pizza isn’t changing. Owner Andrew Albert is quick to explain that Picasso’s revamp is not a total transformation, but an opportunity to elevate the restaurant’s customer service, delivery service and menu.

“We feel like our service isn’t where we want it to be, where it used to be,” he says.

This iteration of Picasso’s features a new menu, delivery equipment and staff, as well as updates to the interior. Albert says he became less involved in the restaurant’s day-to-day operations after he and his wife became caretakers for their parents battling illness. Now that his family life is less chaotic, he’s determined that Picasso’s remain a neighborhood staple.

“I’m a perfectionist by nature,” he says. “If 99 people are happy and one person is unhappy, I’m absolutely thinking about the one.”

Albert is seeking higher quality ingredients for the pizzas, and his team also has added about 20 new pasta varieties to the menu, which is condensed to four pages. “We just wanted it to be simpler to read and help people make choices easily,” he says.

The changes are being rolled out in phases, Albert says, but expect to start noticing a difference at the end of May.