When Rhett Miller isn’t hosting the podcast “Wheels Off!” or touring with the Old 97’s, he’s writing poems for Costco.

Or, at least, he wrote one poem for the membership warehouse. Maybe he’s excited about its new location at Park Lane and Greenville Avenue. Or he just appreciates the opportunity to buy large quantities of food and cleaning supplies.

In any case, the poem recently appeared in the Costco Connection in honor of National Poetry Month.

Without further ado, here’s “The Time We Went to Costco for Milk.”

Mom says we’re stopping by Costco for milk
Milk and maybe eggs
Says she’s been driving around all day
Needs to stretch her legs

Milk and eggs and maybe bananas
Gotta grab hamburger meat
I’ve got these two older brothers at home
All they do is eat

Then she remembers we need a new blender
And dad needs a telephone charger
The shopping cart’s getting a little bit full
We don’t need one a whole larger

Two dozen rolls of paper towels?
A box of one hundred diapers?
Baby wipes for my baby sister?
I hope that I don’t have to wipe her

When we walked into this Costco I thought
We were here for one thing, maybe two
But now look at all of this stuff we got
And we’re only halfway through

If your mom suggests a quick shopping trip
Remember before you believe
The time we went to Costco for milk
And still have yet to leave