Photos by Kathy Tran

Civil Pour’s concept is simple: craft beer, fresh coffee, workspace and good vibes. It is the neighborhood’s answer to Austin-based Halcyon with an emphasis on locally made goods.

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“I’ve always been such a big supporter of craft beer, small business and local economy,” says Chad Montgomery, who owns the pour with his wife, Nellie. “We just try to serve the best beer we can find stylistically. So tap No. 2 is a German Weizenbock, and it’s from Germany because no one makes a German Weizenbock like the Germans.”

The Montgomerys are beer experts. They founded Big Tex Beer Fest and have run it for the past seven years. 

They’ve toured nearly every brewery in the state. And when they decided to open Civil Pour, they already knew which brews they wanted. They picked their favorites over years of taste testing. 

The Montgomerys are not too bad at coffee, either.

When the couple decided to put coffee on the menu, they put the same personalization into the pour’s selection, sampling 100 different roasters before picking their favorites to keep in rotation. While pour-over coffee is king at Civil Pour, they do have an adventurous lineup of espresso drinks that feature ingredients like orange bitters, ginger beer and Dr Pepper. 

What really sets Civil Pour apart is the atmosphere. The Montgomerys say they want to provide the best for their customers.

They’re also transparent about how frequently they clean their taps, an expensive and time-consuming process. They want their employees to have a good quality of life. And they’ve attracted many regulars in five months since opening. 

“We wanted to create some great jobs for people and support the craft beer industry at the same time.” 

Civil Pour

Address: 8061 Walnut Hill Lane

Hours:  7 a.m.-10 p.m. Sunday-Thursday,

 7 a.m.-11 p.m. Friday and Saturday

Did You Know?  The Poursteady coffee machine used to make precise pour-over coffee cost $15,000.