Photo by Danny Fulgencio

This is not the kind of podcast you take home to mom — despite the fact it’s hosted by, um, moms.

The Lake Highlands ladies of the “First & 10s” fantasy football league have the look of an upscale social club. Ranging from their 20s to 50s, they bring diverse backgrounds but close relationships through work, children and tennis. They are artists, real estate agents, public relations big shots and media personalities. They sport trendy fashion, boast vast social networks and, tonight, are meeting in the Town Creek neighborhood at a sprawling house offering salmon-accented cheese boards and $50 bottles of wine.

But don’t judge this league and its popular podcast by its members’ appearance. The “First & 10s” soundtrack is saucy over snooty and about as subtle as a bare-knuckle brawl in your drunk uncle’s man cave. Expect girly. Get punched by gritty.

“I want to win the league, but I’m not some booger-eating nerd about it,” co-founder Jasmine Sadry says.

Welcome to the real (very unfiltered) housewives of Lake Highlands. There are 21 episodes of the “First & 10s” podcast, accompanied by 21 little red “e’s” for “explicit.”

“We don’t have any prudes,” co-founder and commissioner Amy Voss says. “None of us are ‘Susie Homemaker.’ Every one of us has a little bit of nasty in her. But, deep down, don’t all women? We think so.”

The project was the brainchild of Voss’ husband, a long-time executive in Dallas area sports radio. Combine Voss’ in-your-face persona with Sadry’s media experience (almost 20 years on radio and TV), mix in their empowered, outspoken friends and voila: cutting-edge content. The podcast, whose audience is 80 percent male, earned enough traction in its rookie season to attract funding suitors now pushing the women to take the next step in their entertainment evolution: video.

“The idea was to find the funniest people we know, strip away the boundaries and turn on the microphones,” Voss says. “We didn’t know how it would turn out or who would listen, but so far it’s been really fun and successful.” 

The backbone of the podcast is content provided by their unique fantasy league, whose members behave like characters in “Bad Moms,” Voss says.

 NFL Most Valuable Player Patrick Mahomes went undrafted. One owner chose players based solely on their looks. Another trash-talked in the nude via the league’s Marco Polo video messaging app, and the champion was not only late to the draft but also allowed Yahoo’s “auto draft” feature to fill out her roster. 

Champion Marci’s team, the “Houston Oilers,” defeated Voss’ “Ballin’ Bitches” in the First & 10s Super Bowl. Other team names included “Like a Virgin,” “OMGBeckylook@herpunt,” “JerryJonesSidePiece” and “The VaGiants.”

As the podcast grew, Voss found herself fielding calls from prospective members wanting in on the unbridled fun. The league is expanding from 10 to 14 teams. 

The essence of the girls-gone-wild league is captured in approximately one-hour, audio-only podcasts that drop on iTunes, Spotify, TuneIn, GooglePlay and Stitcher each Thursday. The content is light on football, heavy on fantasy. Episodes include “Cat Fight,” “Stab Mode” and “Are You Twerking?” 

The hour of “First & 10s” ends comically and abruptly.

“Okay,” Sadry says. “That does it for this episode.”

 “Thank God,” Voss says. 

 Come for the sports. Stay for the sass.