Saturday is National Pizza Day. Here are a few places in Lake Highlands where you can grab a slice or two and celebrate the holiday.

Picasso’s Pizza & Grill

Choose from a wide variety of pizzas and flavor combos at Picasso’s Pizza & Grill at 7215 Skillman St. suite 300. Picasso’s has something for everyone – from pizza made from cheeseburger ingredients to taco fillings to classic Italian.

Brother’s Pizza & Pasta

Brother’s at 10455 N. Central Expressway suite 104 is the place to go for New York-style and Sicilian pizza. Order a whole pie or just a slice. You can choose your toppings or go with a speciality pizza.

Grimaldi’s Pizzeria

If you’re looking for some brick-oven pizza head over to Grimaldi’s Pizzeria at 8060 Park Lane North suite 105. Go traditional or try a speciality pizza topped with meatballs or roasted red peppers and ricotta cheese.

Tony’s Pizza & Pasta

Here’s another choice for New York-style pizza fans. Tony’s at 10233 Northwest Highway suite 504 boasts 15 speciality pizzas including a pepperoni lovers that is topped with three times the normal amount of pepperoni. They also have sun-dried tomato and barbecue chicken pizzas as alternative flavors.

Primo Brothers Pizza

Choose from a list of 23 toppings, including steak, to create your own pizza at Primo Brothers Pizza at 9310 Forest Lane suite 334. Or pick from a list of speciality pizzas that include a Philly cheesesteak-inspired combination and a Hawaiian pizza.