Northeast Division Commander Major Malik Aziz, Councilman Adam McGough, DPA President Mike Mata

Dallas City Councilman Adam McGough announced Tuesday he’ll run for re-election in May. The revelation followed months of speculation he might run instead for mayor.

“Adam McGough has done everything he proposed to do,” said Bill Blaydes, who represented Lake Highlands on the council from 2003-2007. “He has made a tremendous effort to be inclusive of everyone who lives in District 10, and his leadership is going to take us a long way one more time.”

Mayor Mike Rawlings referred to McGough as a “man of substance,” recalling McGough’s days as the mayor’s chief of staff and as a community prosecutor before that.

“Adam was always a person who got to the meat of the matter,” said Rawlings at McGough’s Lake Highlands Town Center campaign kickoff. “He understood the details of things and why we need to go one direction or another.”

“Adam is a person I go to with gnarly issues,” added Rawlings, explaining why he selected McGough as chair of the city’s Public Safety Commission.

“He’s been with me every step, whether it was Ebola or the terrible tragedy of July 7th.”

“I feel most effective, most connected, most full when I’m working in small groups doing big things,” said McGough, explaining his decision to run again for city council.

“Four years ago, I asked the community to come together and support the work we’ve been doing increasing quality of life, improving public safety and empowering our communities,” said McGough, “and the last 4 years have been some of the most amazing I could have ever hoped for. We’ve accomplished so much – some things I thought would take years and years we did in months. It’s a testament to the people who’ve worked to make it happen.”

Also in the race are DeDe Alexander and Sirrano Keith Baldeo. Advocate will bring you updates, with coverage of candidate forums and debates.

Mayor Mike Rawlings, Councilman Tennell Atkins and Dr. Tommy L. Brown, Pastor of New Mt. Zion Baptist Church

Former Councilman Bill Blaydes, Councilman McGough and Hamilton Park Civic League President Thomas Jefferson

Mayor Mike Rawlings with Cooper McGough

Community Development Commissioner Brian Hasenbauer, Park Board President Bobby Abtahi, PID Director Kathy Stewart and Park Board member Robb Stewart

McGough with retired councilman Bill Blaydes