Jason Villalba family

Former Texas State Representative Jason Villalba, who spent six years in Austin serving Lake Highlands and North Dallas, is expected to officially announce later this month he’ll run for Dallas Mayor. Though he hasn’t yet hosted a public event to formally declare his plans, he’s been active on Facebook since his unsuccessful re-election campaign in November, proclaiming, “Rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated.”

“I am spending my Christmas Eve reviewing proposed policies to ‘strengthen’ the Citizens Police Review Board,” he wrote on Facebook on Dec. 24. “It has become clear to me that this initiative is driven by politics and political correctness – Again. As the next Mayor of Dallas, you can be assured that I will always stand with those who keep our families safe. Thank you @dallaspolice_ and Mike Mata for all you do.”

Mata, Lake Highlands resident and president of the Dallas Police Association, is known for advocating for his officers in the media and behind the scenes. The DPD, Citizens Police Review Board and City of Dallas are hosting a joint town hall tonight to in Lake Highlands to discuss enhancing citizen oversight.

Already in the mayor’s race are developer Mike Ablon, philanthropist Lynn McBee, civic leader Regina Montoya, former Dallas Housing Authority Albert Black, Jr. and former Dallas City Attorney Larry Casto. Dallas City Councilman Scott Griggs is expected to run, and Dallas City Councilman Adam McGough, a Lake Highlands resident, is reportedly considering a run. The filing deadline isn’t until February, so more candidates are expected to enter the contest in the coming weeks.

Villalba, an attorney, lives in Preston Hollow with his wife, Brooke, and their three children. His moderate stance on immigration, vaccination and the bathroom bill drew opposition from staunch conservative groups, and he was defeated in the Republican primary after serving three terms. Lisa Luby Ryan, his opponent, lost to Democrat John Turner.

“Big announcement coming in January,” Villalba posted on Facebook Dec. 17. “We are hopeful we will be able to earn your support.”

Election Day is May 4.