Is your street being repaired in the next three months?

Complaining about road construction, as we’ve recently mentioned, is a national pastime. Here are all the roads being repaired from January through March in City Council District 10, so you can begin preparing for any potential inconveniences now.

  • Adleta from Skillman to Adleta Court
  • Amberton Parkway from Chimney Sweep Lane to Chimney Corner
  • Audelia from Trevor Drive to Walnut Street
  • Boundbook from Hanford Drive to Banff Drive
  • Brentridge Court from Brentridge Drive to end of pavement
  • Brentridge Drive from Deermont Trail to Brentridge Court
  • Center Court Drive from Baseline Drive to Chimney Hill Lane
  • Church from Kirkhaven Drive to Vistadale Drive
  • Church from Skillman to White Rock Trail
  • Clearwater Drive from Angleton Place to Westfield Drive
  • Clearwater Drive from Westfield Drive to Stults Road
  • Clearwater Drive from Woodbrook Drive to Angleton Place
  • Club Glen Drive from Whitehurst Drive to Arbor Trail Drive
  • Deermont Trail from Brentridge Drive to Whispering Hills Drive
  • Dove Meadow Drive from Whitehurst Drive to Middle Glen Drive
  • Fenchurch Road from Buxhill Drive to Lanshire Drive
  • Fenchurch Road from Fitzroy Drive to Shadydale Lane
  • Fenchurch Road from Shadydale Lane to Buxhill Drive
  • Ferris Branch Boulevard from Whitehurst Drive to W. Ferris Branch Boulevard
  • Ferris Creek Lane from Chimney Hill Lane to end of pavement
  • Fitzroy Drive from Audelia Road to Fenchurch Road
  • Green Ash from Black Walnut Drive to White Elm Road
  • Green Oaks Circle from Greenville Avenue to end of pavement
  • Hedgeapple Drive from Desert Willow Drive to Buckingham Road
  • Kingsley Road from Crofton Drive to Winedale Drive
  • Liptonshire Drive from McCree Road to Lakemere Drive
  • Longmeadow Drive from Ferndale Road to Larchwood Drive
  • Longmeadow Drive from Larchwood Drive to Liptonshire Drive
  • Longmeadow Drive from Liptonshire Drive to Leaside Drive
  • Maple Glen Drive from A3677 to Westbend Drive
  • Meadowknoll from Whitehurst Drive to Heatherdale Drive
  • Merriwood Drive from end of pavement to Church Road
  • Middle Glen Drive from Dove Meadow Drive to Mill Hollow Drive
  • Moss Meadows Drive from Arborside Drive to Abrams Road
  • Park Highlands Drive from Plano Road to Walnut Hill Lane
  • Plano from Larchwood Drive to Liptonshire Drive
  • Pleasant Valley from A10153 to Cross Creek Drive
  • Robindale from Chippendale Drive to Vistadale Drive
  • Shadow Way from Creekspan Drive to Candlebrook Drive
  • Shady Valley Drive from Royal Highlands Drive to Shady Valley Drive
  • Shoreview from Clearhurst Drive to Royalpine Drive
  • Shoreview from Overwood Road to Windy Hill Road
  • Shoreview Windy Hill Road to Lanshire Drive
  • Spring Branch from White Rock Trail to Chiswell Road
  • Stable Glen from Moss Haven Drive to Canter Drive
  • Strathmore Drive from Flicker Lane to Kingspoint Drive
  • Tabor Drive from Kenwhite Drive to Cosgrove Drive
  • Tobian Street from Bellafonte Drive to Dandridge Drive
  • Trailcliff from Faircreast Drive to Milltrail Drive
  • Walnut Hill from Meadowhill Drive to Fieldcrest Drive
  • Westover Drive from Arborside Drive to Ridgemar Drive
  • Whispering Hills from Deermont Trail to Echo Ridge Court
  • Whispering Hills from Morgan Meadow Lane to Bettywood Lane
  • Wightman Place from Baseline Drive to Chimney Hill Lane
  • Winedale Drive from Walnut Hill Lane to Lacrosse Drive
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