Atomic Pie will downsize effective Jan.1

Lake Highlands Creamery folded into Atomic Pie in October, and now the popular pizzeria will downsize, effective Jan. 1. The neighborhood-owned restaurant, which originally opened in 2011 and features a private party room in the back big screen TVs at the bar, will offer just carryout and delivery service according to an announcement made via Facebook on Saturday.

“We strongly desired to keep the bar and dining room, but the current leasing company desired to raise our rent 3X and we could not absorb that rent increase. Our kitchen is staying put and we will transition back to a DELIVERY and CARRY-OUT ONLY restaurant,” proclaimed the posting.

The rent increase reference apparently refers to Shop Companies, new owners of Lakeridge Village. They purchased the center in 2017 and have been working on revitalizations, recruiting Vector Brewing Company, Taco Joint and RM 12:20 Bistro, among other new tenants. The Atomic Pie announcement says construction issues will delay the center’s opening until late spring of 2019.

You can have pints or quarts of your favorite flavor of LH Creamery ice cream delivered or picked up with your pizza. Until the first of the year, Atomic Pie will offer specials at the bar on their beer, wine and cocktails.

“The vision for this retail center is quite impressive,” notes Atomic Pie, thanking customers for their support. “We hope the leasing company/construction company can execute.”

Lakeridge Village and Atomic Pie are located in the southeast corner of Walnut Hill and Audelia.