Mayor Mike Rawlings, Thomas Jefferson Jr. and Councilman Adam McGough

As president of the Hamilton Park Civic League and early resident of one of Dallas’ most historic neighborhoods, Thomas Jefferson, Jr. has earned a place of respect in the minds of its citizens. Wednesday, Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings recognized Jefferson’s years of dedication and named him unofficial “Mayor of Hamilton Park.”

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“Thomas Jefferson, Jr. is a true servant,” read Rawlings from the official proclamation, “relentlessly serving the Hamilton Park community.”

Jefferson, who also served as president of the Hamilton Park Alumni Association and member of the City of Dallas Citizens Police Review Board, continues to lead monthly meetings of the Civic League and encourage children and grandchildren of original homeowners to move back and take on leadership responsibilities. He’s a frequent volunteer at Hamilton Park Pacesetter Magnet, where great-granddaughter, Mariyah, is in Kindergarten and great-grandson, “TJ5,” graduated last year. When Mr. Jefferson attended, the school was segregated and served grades 1-12.

“From one mayor to another,” praised Rawlings, “what you’ve done far exceeds what I’ve done. I’ll only be mayor 8 years.”

Pastor Gary Cochran, Gina Riley, Thomas Jefferson Jr., Dr. Sheron Patterson, Councilman Adam McGough, Mayor Mike Rawlings