The Store at Northlake

After 17 years at Northlake Shopping Center, Cheryl Calvin has signed a deal to move her clothing and gift shop, The Store in Lake Highlands, to Lakeridge Village.

“I am so excited about that shopping center,” Calvin told me, “and about all the local businesses that are going to be there.”

Calvin will be joining Erin Willis’ RM 12:20 Bistro (new business), Craig and Veronica Bradley’s Vector Brewing (new business), Trey and Jen Johnson’s YAM -Yoga/Art/Music (new to Lakeridge), Taco Joint (new to Lakeridge), Martin Barfoot/The Associates Realty (new to Lakeridge), Lake Highlands Nail Spa (new to Lakeridge), Sharkey’s Cuts for Kids (new to Lakeridge), CrossFit Lake Highlands (new location at Lakeridge), Wildcat Automotive (remaining), and several others. More businesses are in talks with Shop Companies, which purchased the center in 2017.

Calvin will take the space which housed Jazzercize years ago and currently sits vacant between La Michoacana and the coin laundry along the east wall. It’s a smidge smaller than her current space, but even frequent customers won’t likely notice, she says.

“Since we added on to expand our store, we’re kind of cut in half,” said Calvin, “but this will be one contiguous space. It will be cozier, and that’s a good thing. It will feel like the perfect size.”

Calvin will move in the spring of 2019, but she plans to stay open until her new digs are ready. She spilled the beans to staff members at her employee Christmas party Monday.

“They are very excited. It’s like when you’ve lived in one house for 17 years – it’s scary to move to a new house, but it’s also exciting to think you can renew and revamp. There’s anxiety about going through all your stuff – it’s a daunting task – but you can’t wait to get going.”

Shop Co says the center’s remodel includes the addition of a park, 74 new trees, pavestone cross walks, monument signage, new canopies and other features.

Calvin believes the improvements – and the location at Walnut Hill and Audelia – will make a difference.

“We’re moving to the heart of Lake Highlands,” Calvin told me. “This is where the action is. Lakeridge Village is going to be a happening place.”

And her customers?

“I think there will be people shocked that we’re moving after 17 years, but it’s time to shake things up.”

The Store’s new location at Lakeridge Village doesn’t look like much now, but Cheryl Calvin will be moved in by Spring of 2019