Dairy Queen

Update: Dairy Queen is back up-and-running as of Saturday afternoon, with Blizzards and Beltbusters flying out the door.

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Here at Advocate, your source for the latest Dilly Bar news, we’ve got the “scoop” on Dairy Queen’s status as opening soon, then not-quite-open, then actually open and now closed – for a while. Manager Ayon Dey says the store hit a snag, but the problem is only temporary.

“We are very excited to be open and seeing you guys every day,” Dey asked me to share this morning, “but we hit a major glitch with our kitchen equipment, and for the safety of our team we had to shut down the restaurant. We are working hard to fix the issue ASAP and get your favorite DQ restaurant up and running shortly. We apologize for the inconvenience and can’t wait to serve you all again.”

Dey estimates the repair could be completed today or tomorrow.

Though Chicken Express, which built and previously occupied the building, rarely drew enough customers to form a line, the new DQ at 6445 Eastridge next to Home Depot has drawn crowds since it opened Nov. 28.