Voters head to the polls Tuesday to decide whether to give Richardson ISD a property tax increase, and the school district’s retired CFO is in the press again this morning telling the Dallas Morning News what he told me in September – citizens should vote no on the tax ratification (TRE).

Tony Harkleroad, pictured on the front page of the Metro section next to his “Vote No” yard sign, said the district’s current spending rate is unsustainable, even if voters approve the proposed increase from $1.04 to 1.17 in the maintenance and operating (M&O) tax rate.

“They really put the taxpayer in a box,” the 25-year RISD veteran told the News. “I just don’t support this TRE.”

RISD officials disagree.

“We’re putting together a budget based on the needs of our teachers and our students,” said school board president Justin Bono. “And Tony’s trying to justify what he would do to have a lower personal tax rate.”

If the TRE passes, funds will be used primarily to increase teacher salaries, provide additional school security and improve special education and other programming.

You can read RISD’s overview of the TRE on their website here.