Lake Highlands Creamery. Photo by Kathy Tran.

Lake Highlands Creamery will close their shop and fold into Atomic Pie, according to an announcement posted to Facebook by founder Sean Brockette today. New landlords are revamping Lakeridge Village and will be bringing in an upscale coffee shop at three times the ice cream shop’s current rate, he explained.

“We just can’t justify or absorb that cost, so we are giving up our current space.”

Effective today, the ice cream will be sold out of Atomic Pie, with the dipping cabinet located near the restauarant’s west entrance.  Brockette will step away from operations, and the ice cream will eventually be re-branded under the Atomic Pie brand and the leadership of Atomic owner Tom Goodale.

Lake Highlands Creamery was named Best of Dessert by Advocate readers in June.

Brockette didn’t mention his reasons, but competitors like Andy’s across the street, Yogurtland at the town center and Bahama Buck’s near the Alamo Drafthouse surely haven’t helped.

“To anyone that ever spent a dollar, sported a t-shirt and put a sticker on their car,” wrote Brockette finally, “thank you for all the love and support.”