Craig and Veronica Bradley

Craig and Veronica Bradley moved to Lake Highlands in their years B.K., before kids, and in the 8 years and two adorable children since, they’ve learned there aren’t many spots where the entire family can go for an evening out – especially close to home.

Enter Vector Brewing, the Bradleys’ newest venture and Lakeridge Village’s newest planned addition.

“As anyone with toddlers can tell you, it can be difficult to find a place where you can spend more than 30 minutes without the kids climbing the walls,” explains Veronica. “We want to give families a place where they can enjoy good food, have a fresh beer and let their kids burn off some steam in the same place – without alienating people who don’t have young kids.”

The Bradleys are still finalizing the deal with Shop Companies, which purchased the center in 2017 and is currently doing extensive renovation and recruiting new restaurants and retail. Vector plans to occupy the space in the southeast corner where CrossFit Lake Highlands currently operates, and CrossFit will move to an alternate spot in the center.

Craig brings the experience he gained as one of the 4 original employees of Lakewood Brewing Company, helping to build a brewing business from the ground up with Veronica by his side.

“We saw what it took to take an existing building and gut it, drill drains, re-plumb, remove insulation and move pipes,” recalls Veronica.  “We volunteered our time, along with many others, and I know we have a great network of friends and neighbors who have promised to help us.”

Vector will be a brewpub, not a brewery, so they’ll sell their own creation right where they make it.

“We’ll be brewing on a much smaller system than your typical larger breweries, with a varying rotation of beers available to enjoy in the taproom. We won’t have any flagship brands on all the time, but we will have flagship styles, such as IPA, pilsner and stout. This way we’ll have the ability to experiment and always evolve our selections, depending on the seasons or what our fans want.”

In addition to their own beers, they’ll serve a curated wine selection, cider, beer and wine cocktails, coffee on draught, kombucha tea on draught and non-alcoholic and kid-friendly options. Veronica isn’t ready to spill the beans on her menu, but she feels good about what they’re planning.

“I think Lake Highlands will be happy.”

The Bradleys are planning to include about 2,300 square feet of patio and outdoor space, including a kids-only area filled with things to do while parents enjoy the company of other adults. At 8 o’clock, grownups can grownup to their hearts content.

“Our goal is to fill a void when it comes to having a go-to ‘third place’ for Lake Highlands people – the first being home, the second being work and the third being a go-to place that feels like yours. It’s your default, because it has everything you need, and you just feel comfortable.”

At Lakeridge Village, Walnut Hill and Audelia, Taco Joint has announced plans to move into the old Urban Thrift space, and RM 12:20 Bistro by Erin Willis is set to open in the old Offshore’s space about Dec. 1. Rumors about other tenants are just watercooler whispers – for now.

“For too long, folks in our area have had to drive to Dallas or Plano or Frisco for a great night out,” says Veronica. “With additions like Cedar & Vine, Shady’s, Resident Taqueria and others coming soon, we think Lake Highlands is poised to be the next hot spot in the area.”