The rain has yet to cease, as if Lake Highlands hasn’t already flooded. The sky is more dreary than an Alfred Hitchcock flick. We don’t know what happened to fall. Maybe it’s hungover and asked winter to step in while it recovers. Maybe it’s taking a vacation this year, and we’ll skip the season altogether.

Whatever the reason, much of Texas is colder than Chicago and New York City today. El Arroyo summed up the seemingly apocalyptic weather perfectly in one marquee sign.

Photo courtesy of El Arroyo

We know that El Arroyo is located in Austin. But its owner, Ellis Winstanley, is a Lake Highlands native. He bought the Tex-Mex restaurant from Clay McPhail, who started the marquee tradition. The signs have gone viral, and Winstanley compiled the restaurant’s favorites into the book “El Arroyo’s Big Book of Signs.”