Front: Charlie Walne, Jacqueline Bernal, Samantha Silva, Elizabeth Chandler, Charlie Silva, Jack Walne. Back Robert Walne, Alan Kirkpatrick, David Silva and Suzanne Silva.

At Thursday night’s Tailgate Party before the Lake Highlands High School football game, Wildcat varsity cheerleaders presented a $1,000 check to the Austin Silva Memorial Fund in memory of their friend and former student who died in 2017 before his senior year began. The funds were raised during the cheer squad’s annual Red Out campaign, which seeks to fill the stands at Wildcat Stadium with a sea of red. Cheerleaders sold t-shirts provided by Herb’s Paint & Body, owned by the Walne Family of Lake Highlands.

“Austin Silva left a positive impression on all who knew him,” the cheerleaders said as they presented their check to Austin’s parents, David and Suzanne, and his siblings, Samantha and Charlie. “He was a top student in his class, a leader in several organizations, and an involved participant in the ministries of his church. He was a faithful and encouraging friend and brother. He cared deeply for his family and friends.”

The Austin Silva Memorial Fund has already contributed funds to Camp Barnabas, a summer camp for persons with special needs and chronic illnesses, and Mission of Hope Haiti, which provides food, shelter and education services. For the first time this spring, Austin’s fund will contribute to local organizations that provide scholarships at LHHS, giving back to the friends and families Austin so cherished.

If you’d like to support the Austin Silva Memorial Fund, making an online donation is easy here.

Austin Silva (right) volunteers at Camp Barnabas