Unintentionally divisive

Considering this 2-year-old German Shepherd’s name is Maybe, it’s not his fault if decision-making isn’t his strong suit. The “lovable goof,” as owner Katie Withrow describes him, originally was named Stewart. We hate to sadden readers, but Maybe’s childhood consisted of injury and neglect. His previous owners didn’t care for a necrotic leg wound, so Dallas Animal Services intervened to provide medical care. Withrow and her husband, Billy, fostered Maybe before adopting him. While deliberating on their companion’s new name, Withrow texted Billy that the pup resembled Dobby from “Harry Potter.” “He asked if that’s what I wanted to name him, and I responded by saying ‘Maybe,’ ” Withrow says. The conversation — coupled with their favorites “Maybe Love Song” and Maeby of “Arrested Development”— finalized their decision. Maybe likes it, probably. 

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Hide the mail. It’s not safe here

Nelly Bell, a rather innocent-looking pup, spends every afternoon anxiously awaiting the mailperson’s arrival. Once the mail falls into the front door’s slot, Nelly Bell immediately grabs it and scatters it throughout the room. “If it wasn’t so funny, we might be mad,” owner Karen Brown told us.

Find him on Insta

Nelson isn’t fond of hugs, owner Allison Combs says. He’ll hold your hand, though, if it makes you happy. We’re not sure if he enjoys walks on the beach, but he’ll do anything for a tennis ball. He’s always looking for more likes on Instagram. Check him out  @nelsontherescue. 

Sam for President?

Stating that the United States is divided politically is like noting the sky is blue, but maybe a 1-year-old mutt is our solution. The son of a street dog, Sam has yet to meet an enemy. He may be the most affable fellow at White Rock Lake Dog Park, where cocker spaniels and Great Danes alike enjoy his company. Owners Susan and Scott Wansbrough think he’d be an excellent diplomat. Some might say he has presidential potential. “He’s never been in fights,” Susan says. “He just runs back to me if a fight breaks out somewhere.” Guess he’ll need to be more assertive if he’s hitting the campaign trail.

Lady snores a lot

Photo by FACES by Ian Cole

Bobo’s tongue perpetually dangles from her mouth, but the pug never intends to be tacky. She’s overcome her share of heartache, from surviving a puppy mill to living with canine cognitive dysfunction. She’s remained a loving companion, although sleeping near her is not advised. “Bobo really likes small spaces, so she made a bed for herself in the bottom shelf of our nightstand,” Lisa McIntire says. “She can really saw some logs when she sleeps, so we would often wake to unbelievably loud snoring. Once our oldest came along, she started sleeping next to his crib. Somehow, she never woke him up, but we could still hear her on the monitor.”

RIP, Jack 

Jack LeBlanc, 16, of Lake Highlands died in July from a hermangiosarcoma tumor in his back leg. Jack was born in Dallas and lived there most of his life. Adopted as an abused rescue dog at about 1, he was uber protective of his family. Friends could only earn his trust after petting him for at least 20 minutes. Those who stopped petting felt the intensity of his bark until they started again. Jack felt most at home in snow, frolicking in the flurries and catching snowballs. Each year, he dutifully posed for first-day-of-school pictures after each child. His other passion was tug-of-war. He is survived by Barret and Annie LeBlanc and their children, Eli, Luc and Vivian.

Anything for a puppaccino

Jordy, a mutt-doodle, frequents Rooster Home and Hardware and Home Depot, along with Andy’s Frozen Custard for puppy cones and White Rock Coffee for a Puppaccino. Owner Katie Dryer keeps him stocked in colorful bandanas and is celebrating his first birthday Sept. 5

When Edward loves Eddie

A rather sophisticated Chihuahua mix, Edward enjoys watching “Frasier” reruns. Owners Grant Myers and Cody Taliaferro suspect he has a bromance with the show’s canine, Eddie. “What we all have especially realized is how often Frasier’s doorbell rings on the show, which quickly prompts Edward to jump off the bed and head downstairs to see who is at our door,” Myers says.

Sure, all dogs go to heaven, but maybe you’re not a fan of the drool and dander. If bunnies, snakes and iguanas are what you prefer, check out our neighbors’ most unusual pets here.