Texas Tech Athletic Hall of Famer and former football coach Robert Hall has returned to his native Dallas to coach budding quarterbacks. His private coaching business, Raiderone, is “a quarterback training and development place where quarterbacks or future quarterbacks can come to improve and enhance their skills,” according to his Twitter page.

Hall posts videos of his coaching techniques. He recently posted this one with a student in Lake Highlands:

He has been coaching privately in Texas for years. When he was featured in Sports Ilustrated in 2016, he was doing more than four training sessions a day at $100 an hour and training kids as young as second grade.

Hall has come a long way since Carter High School. Back in the day, he was the quarterback of the 1988 Texas State Champion team, which inspired the movies “Friday Night Lights” and “Carter High,” and was depicted in the ESPN’s “What Carter Lost.” He went on to play quarterback for the Texas Tech Red Raiders – one fan site even named him the No. 3 Red Raider quarterback of all time.

He has done pretty well for himself in the training business, too. Some of his students have gone on to earn Division 1 scholarships and play professional football.

So, who knows? Maybe this kid is the next Tony Romo.