HPUMC Pastor Archie Browne (navy cap, right) prayed for homeowner Mishon Blaylock (white blouse), HP Civic League President Thomas Jefferson (red cap) and volunteers at the Transform Dallas work day Saturday.

Hamilton Park United Methodist Church Associate Pastor Archie Browne interrupted the work of Transform Dallas volunteers Saturday to pray for Mishon Blaylock and other homeowners whose houses were being repaired, landscaped and painted. He also requested prayer for Hamilton Park Civic League President Thomas Jefferson and other project organizers, and for blessings upon the many volunteers.

You may view my photos from the day here.

James Reed, Chaplain of the Dallas Leadership Foundation (DLF), brought a crew from his prison ministry. The group helps recently released inmates secure jobs, housing, documentation, transportation and other support they need to develop their sense of purpose in society.

“This is an opportunity for them to participate in giving,” Reed told me. “They are used to taking, taking, taking, and they want to learn how to give. I think it’s really refreshing, because they can say, ‘I went into the neighborhood to help build it, and at one time I was part of helping to tear it down.’ Now they can do something in a positive way.”

Transform Dallas is a Christian nonprofit that partners with more than 30 churches from all over town. Its first work day had 32 projects and more than 1,000 volunteers. Saturday’s event was more ambitious, with 120 projects to repair community centers, schools and nursing homes, provide health and resource fairs, conduct prayer walks and provide feeding programs for kids and seniors.

“We wanted to show unity to the churches and to our city. We all do these kinds of work days on our own, but we also wanted to start doing this as one body together,” said Wil McCall, President of DLF. “Our whole point is to move the needle long term.  It speaks to how great the city is and can continue to be.”

Churches, corporations and families who wish to support the cause may learn more via the Transform Dallas website here.

A girl prepares a Hamilton Park home for painting.

James Reed (in white) brought recently released prisoners to work alongside other volunteers and give back to the community.

Painting together is much more fun.

Volunteers paint a home in Hamilton Park.