Hustler Hollywood coming soon

When the Hustler Hollywood sex toys and novelty shop opened in Oklahoma City in 2014, porn star Ron Jeremy was on hand for the ribbon cutting, owner Larry Flynt made an appearance soon after and titillating billboards near the store trumpeted the store’s arrival. There’s no word yet on grand opening plans for the newest store on the LBJ service road near Abrams Road in Lake Highlands, but a giant banner announces that the shop is hiring and applications are being accepted online.

Hustler Hollywood, an offshoot of the porn magazine considered more explicit than Playboy or Penthouse, carries “the best selection of adult toys, erotica, kink and lingerie” according to the store’s website.

“I have asked our city attorneys to investigate the full range of operations intended to take place at the business location,” said Dallas City Councilmember Adam McGough, “and determine which licenses and permits are required before the business can open. We will have an executive session during council to address the legal questions next Wednesday, June 13.

“The first I knew of this potential business was when community members contacted me letting me know that the sign went up. It is clear from the communications I have received so far that the neighbors living in and around this area are concerned about the potential negative impacts this business could cause to the community. It is also clear to me, from what I can tell, this business intends to run what would be considered a sexually oriented business (SOB) based on the definition in our ordinance.”

Businesses seeking SOB permits aren’t required to go before the City Plan Commission or City Council, but apply instead to the Dallas Police Department for a specific use permit, which is routinely granted if the property is 1000 feet from the nearest school, park, hospital, child care facility or church and meets other requirements.

You can read about McGough’s efforts to stop the new two-story topless club here.

Signs in the window of the former Pizza Inn don’t reveal an opening date, but contractors were working feverishly Sunday to transform the space.