A young woman wearing a soaked evening dress wanders throughout White Rock Lake looking for a Gaston Avenue address. She says she was involved in a boating accident. Then she climbs into the back seat of a car and promptly disappears.

At least, that’s the legend that caught the attention of Reader’s Digest, who added our neighborhood’s lake to its list of the world’s most haunted bodies of water, alongside Devil’s Pool in Australia and Blackwater River in Florida.

The tale has a few discrepancies: some with the woman committing suicide, others with her knocking on the doors of houses near the lake, all of which provide great fodder for a spooky drive around the lake at night.

Reader’s Digest reported that the legend has been reported since 1964, but the Texas Folk Lore Society first referenced it in 1943. Whatever truth or lack thereof the legend holds, the Lady of the Lake is just one of the many stories that make our neighborhood so unique. Any list that puts White Rock Lake on the same list as Loch Ness (of monster fame) is fine by us.