Taco Diner at the Lake Highlands Town Center

If you’ve followed the proliferation of new restaurants in Lake Highlands, as I have, with hope and glee and delicately bated breath, you’ve probably scratched your head a time or two watching the build-up to Taco Diner’s non-opening. Like me, perhaps, you’ve peeked in the windows each time you take in a meal at Fish City, grab a sandwich at Jersey Mike’s and spoon a dessert at Yogurtland in the Lake Highlands Town Center.

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So what gives?

Taco Diner’s patio was railed-up and ready, their bar was set up – heck, there was already salt and pepper on the tables. That’s when M Crowd, owners of Taco Diner and Mi Cocina, rehired founder Mico Rodriguez to lead the Taco Diner project after his departure in the late 2000s. When he returned to his pet project, Mico had his own ideas, and revamping promptly began.

The Taco Diner windows are now tightly covered, but inside the floors have been ripped up, the bar taken out and the ceilings removed. I’m told Mico has redesigned the bar and the patio, and even the menu will get an overhaul.

A new opening is expected in May. My bated breath continues.