Photo by Jeff Bargas.

The newly-released 9-6A All-District team includes multiple hard-working and accomplished players from Lake Highlands High, and several more have earned All-City honors.

Corey Fulcher was named Utility Player of the Year for the district and Trumane Bell, Terrance Clark and Brandon Anderson earned a spot on the 1st Team for defense. Quinton Freeman, Deonta Taylor and Zyron White were 1st Team for offense. Mitchell Hurst, Dre Eatmond, Quinn-Todd Craine, Jakson Thomson, Jonathan Barrows and Jamadric Mackey were named to the 2nd team, and Honorable Mention went to Alex Fields, Azion Washington, Nick Valdez, Hill Hardin, Carlos Sanchez, Nate Hall and Ryan Rodriguez.

RISD’s Coach of the Year was Lonnie Jordan, and MVP was Jakson Thomson. Defensive Player of the Year was Trumane Bell, Offensive Player of the Year was Corey Fulcher and Defensive Newcomer of the Year was Dreveon Eatmond. All-City 1st Teamers were Deonta Taylor, Jamadric Mackey, Zyrion White, Jonathan Barrows, Jakson Thomson, Quinton Freeman, Giovanni Gomez, Quinn-Todd Craine, Azion Washington, Terrance Clark, Mitchell Hurst, Brandon Anderson and Teaff Nickle. Carlos Sanchez, Ryan Rodriguez, Nathan Hall, Alex Fields, Lattrell Smith, Hill Hardin and Nick Valdez were named to the 2nd Team, and Honorable Mention went to Luca Gisellu, Jalen Price, Ryan Moore, Donovan Fuggitt and TaMoz Thomas.

Congratulations, all!