Skyview students, many dressed in native garb from the country of their birth, play the game, Driving Round Australia

It was almost too much excitement for Skyview students to take in.

Teachers and parents in the PTA created a multicultural carnival last week, complete with games, foods and decorations authentic to the multitude of nations represented by Skyview students and their families. Parents brought home-cooked foods from their homeland and dressed their kids in native garb.

Before Skyview families went home, though, they had one stop left to make. Outside, a box truck waited with a pack full of food to brighten every student’s Thanksgiving holiday.

The Packs4LH project was a collaboration by 100 Women of Lake Highlands, the Exchange Club and Knights of Columbus. I’m not sure who had bigger smiles – the volunteers or the recipients.

Fishing in Finland

Busting a pinata in Mexico

Driving Round Australia

Mother love – the same in every culture

A Skyview family

Rowdy from the Dallas Cowboys helps distribute food

Rowdy from the Dallas Cowboys poses for pics