Post by Kyle Klemme, Lake Highlands High School senior and Advocate intern
Lake Highlands High School Football Photo by Benjamin Hager

Photo by Benjamin Hager

The Lake Highlands Wildcats lost a close one last Thursday against a very tough Skyline team.

The Wildcats had a great start to the game holding the lead at 24-14 in the second quarter before Skyline’s quarterback Velton Gardner led the Raiders on a 27-0 run to take the lead at 41-24.

Lake Highlands would surge back in the final quarter. A 16-yard touchdown from Jakson Thomson to Corey Fulcher would put the Wildcats within a touchdown with 4:10 remaining in the game. After an interception by Dreveon Eatmond, the Wildcats looked to make a last effort with 1:37 left on the clock. Lake Highlands drove down to Skyline’s 12 yard line but wasn’t able to handle the Raider’s pass rush and lost the game by the final score of 44-37.

Corey Fulcher had 11 receptions for 158 yards and a touchdown while Quinton Freeman accounted for 249 yards of total offense and two touchdowns.

The Wildcats’ next game is this Friday, Oct. 13, at 7:30 p.m against the first-place Coppell Cowboys at Coppell. This will be a tough one for Lake Highlands as Coppell has a 4-1 record with their only loss coming against topped-rank Allen High School.