Highlander receives AED after student saved at Lake Highlands Junior High

Highlander School’s AED, provided by the Living for Zachary Foundation

A year ago, Highlander graduate Joe Krejci was a Lake Highlands Junior High 7th grader in sixth period track when he collapsed during practice.

He wasn’t breathing, but he had a pulse.

Coach Craig Titsworth called 9-1-1 and worked on the child, but he sent his fastest runner to the school nurse for the automated external defibrillator (AED), which can shock a stopped heart back to life. Krejci was saved.

Richardson ISD has installed AEDs on all its campuses, and now Highlander has one, too. The Krejci family has donated an AED to the small, private school through the Living For Zachary Foundation.

“We are so thankful and honored that the Krejcis thought of Highlander for the Living for Zachary gift of AED and training,” said Jill Reed, owner and director of the school. “Our staff is now fully trained to use the AED, though we hope we never have to do so.”

Today, Joe is a happy, healthy student, and the Krejci family attended a recent Highlander Parent Association meeting to share Joe’s story. They urge parents to get their children screened for any heart issues through a blood test.

You can read Krejci’s dramatic story here and learn more about the Living For Zachary Foundation here.

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