Dallas Diner

Dallas Diner is the Cheers bar of Lake Highlands eateries. They didn’t know my name after my first visit, but my waitress called me Sweetie, and, when I moved from the counter to a table so I could spread out my newspaper, she asked, “Baby, where’d you go?”

Just like Norm and Cliff, the patrons seem to be old friends and greet each other with a nod and a wave. Located on Northwest Highway between Plano Road and Ferndale, Dallas Diner draws cops from the nearby Northeast Dallas Substation, and others were evident supporters of the Blue. (A flyer for a recent DPD Wellness Brunch still was still taped to the cash register on my recent visit.)

Dallas Diner, open from 5 a.m. to 3 p.m., offers traditional diner fare. Breakfast includes eggs, bacon, pancakes, migas and burritos, with a bakery rack of donuts and cinnamon rolls. Lunch is cheeseburgers, pork chops and chicken fried steak, with a pot of homemade soup always on the stovetop.

The best part? Prices at Dallas Diner are just as old school as the atmosphere – cheeseburgers are 5 bucks and my Country D’Light breakfast with 2 eggs, 3 bacon slices and a biscuit was just $5.25.

Have a good day, Sweetie.

Dallas Diner is in the former Dunkin Donuts building at 10515 Northwest Highway.

Inside Dallas Diner