And Alice Laussade explains how she lured Nick Offerman to her second-ever Meat Fight fundraiser …

Meat Stick

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Lake Highlands Creamery celebrated one year in business Saturday with a special menu item — the Meat Stick. That is, a piece of prime beef from local One90 Smoked Meats coated in chocolate. “This [stuff] is good,” declared a happy customer before apologizing for his language. (He did not say “stuff.”)

The Meat Stick is not some random creation.

Feeding the crowd at LH Creamery

The idea came about when the creamery teamed up with Meat Fight, a locally based nonprofit benefitting the National Multiple Sclerosis Society — the majority of funds are raised at an annual BBQ brawl (called Meat Fight). Proceeds from the Meat Sticks sold at Lake Highlands Creamery Saturday went to Meat Bike, a program of Meat Fight that purchases road bikes for people with MS, so they can join the Meat Fight cycling team.

Sean Brockette and Herman Guerra

LH Creamery owner Sean Brockette says the meat-filled ice cream treats were pretty work-intensive. After procuring the beef from Herman Guerra at One90, also a Meat Fight sponsor, he tried several iterations before settling on a recipe, he says. The issue was not only getting it to taste delicious, but also making sure it didn’t look unappetizing, he explains.

Neighbors line up for frozen treats at Lake Highlands Creamery.

In the long line we ran into District 10 Councilman Adam McGough who was grabbing a cone with his boys, and we had the chance to ask Meat Fight founder Alice Laussade a pressing question. How did you manage to get the famous actor/comedian Nick Offerman to be a judge at the virtually unknown (at the time) Meat Fight in Dallas?

Alice Laussade

Alice says she was drinking and tweeting one night and direct tweeted Offerman that he should come judge Meat Fight. “An hour or so later, his publicist called me,” she says.

And just like that, Ron Swanson was in Dallas, sitting alongside local chefs, judging Meat Fight.

Kid + ice cream = happiness