Nicole Kalogeropoulos and Shaheen Sattar. Photo by Rasy Ran

We wrote a while back about two neighborhood women who, despite living in sea-level Dallas, are highly competitive in ultrarunning, a sport that involves racing distances longer than a marathon.

Some of the biggest ultrarunning events, such as Leadville 100, are held in the mountains where the air is far thinner than ours, yet Nicole Kalogeropoulos and Shaheen Sattar often place among the top women.

This weekend is the running of Western States, a 100-mile run for which entrants must qualify by proving they can run a stupid number of miles at a ridiculous pace.

They were about to run Western States when we published this.

Kalogeropoulos, who holds the American record for the fastest 100-mile trail run by a woman, is toeing the line again this year. You can keep up with the race here.