It had to be confusing for neighbors and fans of The Bachelor’s Chris Harrison when they saw him, or this Instagram pic of him, standing on a Los Angeles sidewalk hoisting a campaign sign touting a board of trustees candidate for a suburban school district in Texas.

For those who don’t know, Harrison graduated from Richardson ISD’s Lake Highlands high school in ’89, and one of his classmates and friends was Lynn Davenport, the candidate for whom he shilled.

“If you’re in Dallas get out and vote … for this amazing woman for RISD school board,” he wrote. “I don’t often actively campaign on the street corner for political candidates but when I do, I do it for a badass woman who lives 1,200 miles away. Lynn I got the LA vote covered.”

The celebrity’s endorsement wasn’t quite enough to put Davenport on the board, but it was an impressive gesture. And the Texas Rangers T is an extremely nice touch.

See the full results of last weekend’s election here.

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