‘Tank’ Woo at Lake Highlands Station 28

Firefighters at Lake Highlands Station 28 had visitors Easter Sunday and, unlike the usual group of schoolchildren on a field trip or toddlers wanting rides on fire engines, these guys were serious. Six referees from Hong Kong, in town to call matches at the Dallas Cup international youth soccer tournament, dropped by with their coaches and host family. Of the 6 refs, 3 are firefighters back home.

“The station was amazing,” said Woo Chun Sing – known to friends as Tank. “Our stations back home are larger, but this was more modern. And I was impressed with their gym equipment.”

“This station was totally different from what we have in Hong Kong,” agreed Cheung Kwan Ki, aka Ryan. “My station is four stories high and each day we have 20 firefighters on duty. When we visited there were 6 or 7. I did notice that the Dallas station had lots more fire hose reel. Perhaps we have greater access to water.”

“It was good to see another station and hear how things are done in America,” said Wong Kei Hoi, called Daniel. “We appreciated their warm welcome.”

The guys toured the station house and got a close up look at Fire Engine 28 – better known as “The Pride of Lake Highlands.” At one point during the tour, loud bells indicated that the firemen were needed at an emergency.

“The alarms went off and everyone got serious,” said coordinator Leung Wing Yee, called Jovy – who happens to be staying at the Toler home. “They went out but came back after just a moment. We thought maybe it was just part of the tour.”

“Of all the sights in Dallas, the group really wanted to visit a fire station,” said Nancy Raine, one of several LH families hosting referees and players for the tournament during Easter week. “We were so grateful that the crew let us all come in and look around.”

Wong Po Sing (Terry), Wong Wai Lun (Ivan), Leung Wing Yee (Jovy), Lam Chi Ho (Amos), Woo Chun Sing (Tank), Cheung Kwan Ki (Ryan), Wong Kei Hoi (Daniel), Cheung Wai Lung (Mario) and Lam Tak Sing (Steven) with LH firefighters

Terry gives Station 28 a thumbs up

Terry tries on gear at Station 28