100 Women vote to donate $33,000 to Northlake Elementary PTA

By overwhelming vote, 100 Women of Lake Highlands opted Tuesday night to donate $33,000 to the Northlake Elementary PTA for technology and differentiated teaching initiatives. The funds will be used to provide iPads and technology training at the school. Differentiated Instruction (DI) is less standardized and more responsive, with an eye on varying learning styles, strengths and abilities.

“The teachers at NLE bring a passion to the table like I’ve never seen before to bring the best out of every child,” said Beth Arnold, one of the founders of 100 Women, in a Facebook message announcing the gift. “Our personal experience at NLE has been hands down exceptional.”

Despite its name, 100 Women has 330 members, and each will donate $100 directly to the Northlake PTA. 100 Women was founded in 2014 and has given to Pamper Lake Highlands, Forerunner Mentoring and other organizations.