A teenager is in police custody and hospitalized with a non-life-threatening bullet wound after breaking into a home on Estate Lane near Ravensway.

Location of break-in and shooting

Andre Lanaux arrived home from work a little after 5 p.m. Tuesday and found two young men inside. He shot one of them in the leg, and the other ran away, his wife, Julie Lanaux tells us. Police say the injured suspect is 15 years old. The other, who is still at large, is probably about the same age.

The Lanauxs have only lived in the neighborhood a couple of months. Julie says she’s not sure what might have been stolen. “They might not have gotten away with anything,” she says. Dallas Police detectives were still processing the scene at the time we spoke.

Though shaken by the incident, she says she wants criminals to know they shouldn’t break into homes in this neighborhood.

Julie, an attorney, says she is glad the intruder wasn’t killed — Andre shot to disable, not to kill, she says.

She’s especially thankful that her husband was able to protect himself, and that they are both physically unharmed.