An artist rendering of the Alamo Drafthouse location.

An artist rendering of the neighborhood Alamo Drafthouse location.

Retail Plazas, Inc., owner of the Skillman Abrams shopping center set to host the new Alamo Drafthouse, has plans to rename the center and they want your input. They’ve put their creative minds to work brainstorming possibles, and Advocate voters will make the final choice.

“Gateway” indicates the center’s unique location as an entry point to Lake Highlands.

“Sendero” means “path” or “trail” and has a Southwestern feel.

“Creekside” is nostalgic and draws a connection to the landscape nearby.

“Watershed” means “an area or ridge of land that separates waters flowing to different rivers, basins or seas,” but it also refers to “an event or period marking a turning point.”

“District Park” is a nod to the fact that multiple districts – LH, Lakewood and Preston Hollow – all come together here.

You can vote until Friday, Dec. 9. The new name will be announced here on the blog Dec. 12.